Tap into your body’s wisdom

There is more to wellness than talking through a few issues or hitting the gym a couple times a week. True wellness means understanding your mind-body system with authenticity and courage.

A fresh approach to whole-person health

Do you want to feel more authentic? Understand your reactions better? Feel more confident in regulating yourself physically & emotionally?  Breath coaching can help you learn to create improvements in mood, change your brain state and regulate stress in your nervous system – with powerful results.

Build your body & mind connection

Coaching / Therapy

Here is your opportunity to know yourself on a new level. With a combination of practical tools, insight & support, you can build resilience for any challenges you might face

Workshops & Classes

Join me for upcoming classes or workshops, whether in person or online!

Online Learning

A range of unique mind-body coaching programs so you can start your change anytime! Get started today with free downloads, watch the Breath for Stress webinar, or try out the Anxiety to Energy program.

Connecting body & mind for deep health

✓ Over 15 years’ clinical experience

✓ BACP Accredited Psychotherapist since 2009

✓ Oxygen Advantage Certified Breathing Instructor

✓ NSHC Certified Health Coach

✓ Shift Trained in Resilience Coaching

✓ Master of Arts in Pastoral Counselling

About Ann-Marie

My aim is to provide holistic psychotherapy, breath coaching, and teaching to clients & colleagues that brings out the tools and resources you already have inside you. I view the mind/body as doing it’s best to survive in a complex, fast-paced, challenging modern world.

  • Instead of pathology, we have respect for the body & what it needs.
  • We listen, rather than suppress.
  • We get curious rather than explaining away how we feel.
  • We build receptivity to ourselves and others so we can be in the world with authenticity, presence and calm.
  • We learn to pause (surprisingly difficult!) and lean into what our autonomic nervous system needs.
  • We balance rest & strain effectively to create calm stability.



I weave together over 15+ years’ experience as a therapist with my training in pastoral counselling, breathwork, movement therapy and nutrition coaching so we can approach personal growth with the whole mind & body in view. This is called autonomic health – without it we have no true wellness.

Why I do what I do

  • Thanks so much, it was all really interesting. I'm using the breath techniques with my clients already and it really helps them self-regulate.

    Workshop Participant

  • The sessions together were really validating, and the breath tools help me all the time to regulate stress and my mood.

    Breath Coaching Client

  • I'm sleeping so much better it's unbelieveable. The breathwork has made a huge change.

    Breath Coaching Client

  • Just wanted to say thanks very much for your course, I found it very useful. I'd come across breathwork through meditation before, but didn't have a consistent or complete understanding of it. I feel like I can incorporate the different breathing patterns into meditation now.

    Anxiety to Energy Client

  • I found it really powerful, and entered into an otherworldly state in between asleep and awake. Wonderful!

    Yoga nidra participant

  • I loved learning about how to look at stress differently.  Thank you so much... I keep telling all my friends they need to learn this stuff!

    Breath Coaching Client

Tap into your body’s wisdom

Start your movement today. If you are motivated for change and want a fresh approach to your wellbeing, let’s see if we can work together. The fit between client & coach is important – so your introductory phone or video call is free of charge!

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