The body already knows what it needs, we just need to get better at listening

Feeling the need for change?

The mind/body system is doing its best to survive in a complicated, challenging world. I view messages from the body like anxiety and tension as opportunities to learn what really matters to us and what we really need in life. This leads us to more authentic living and greater resilience to stress.
The overall aim? Building trust in the mind/body system.

I’ve been a therapist for a long time (since 2002!). Over the last 8 years I’ve competed internationally as a CrossFit athlete and studied functional movement. Alongside my career in mental health, I found my passion for mind-body health growing rapidly.

Once I landed on the most underestimated and overlooked aspect of our health (breath) and its ties to our autonomic nervous system (ANS), that I found a way to integrate the mind-body link into my therapeutic work. This quickly took over the whole of my work and I now offer a unique approach to physical & emotional health that puts the (ANS) at the centre of our work together, mirroring its central place in our bodies and our wellbeing.

Without autonomic health, we have no real health. The ANS is the home of our stress response and our breath function. When the ANS is healthy, so are you. This understanding has taken my own self care to a new level and I now work to help my clients experience the same.

Breath coaching, therapy or a combination – the end goal is the same. Greater physical & mental resilience

Clients that come to
me often want to:

  • Feel more resilient to stress
  • Reduce anxiety or panic
  • Process trauma
  • Improve breathing difficulties
  • Boost physical & mental health
  • Improve sports performance
  • Shift eating distress & improve nutrition
  • Create healing from chronic fatigue / chronic illness
  • Improve breathlessness in perimenopause & menopause
  • Address symptoms of Long Covid

No more wasted energy

Check out the options below to stop going down mental rabbit holes, overtraining, or driving yourself into the ground. Together we can disrupt, balance & build calm.

Breath Coaching / Therapy
6 Session Program

Learn breathwork for resilience & self-awareness with professional coaching. This is your opportunity to build skills in self-regulation for calm, balance & presence.

Breath Coaching / Therapy
12 Session Program

More like traditional talk therapy, here we go more in depth with the individual needs of your autonomic nervous system. Learn breathwork with the added time to go deeper in exploring yourself, your reactions, and how you can disrupt old patterns that no longer serve you.

Individual Consultations
on Functional Breathing

Ideal for anyone who struggles with breath pattern disorders (Hyperventilation Syndrome, Reverse Breathing, etc.) or just feels something isn’t right with the quality of their breath. These sessions can also support reduction in symptoms of asthma or tone down anxiety & panic.

Individual Consultations on Breath for Sports Performance

Wanting to up-level your workouts at the gym? Feel like maybe breathing is holding you back? Breath coaching can help you become more aerobically efficient & feel better when you workout – whether that’s walking a mile or smashing your powerlifting PBs. These sessions include a functional breathing assessment and techniques to support breath for your sport or general fitness.

Tap into your body’s wisdom

Start your movement today. If you are motivated for change and want a fresh approach to your wellbeing, let’s see if we can work together. The fit between client & coach is important – so your introductory phone or video call is free of charge!

Frequently Asked Questions

I know someone who would really benefit from your services but they won’t ask for help. Can I book them in with you?

While I would love to help, it’s so important the person coming for coaching / therapy is ready for change. This needs to come from them, not from a well-meaning friend / family member. This also is so I can align with privacy regulations and professional ethical codes.

I've tried breathwork but it made me feel worse. Why is that?

It’s important to understand that breathwork offers a spectrum of effects from calming to very stimulating and even stress-inducing.  Many people I speak with have only tried stimulating breathwork (often referred to as Wim Hof breathing).  Most often I use calming, downregulating breathwork with my clients as most of us need less stress in our lives, not more.  All breath practices I teach are customised to the client.

Is breathwork the main approach that you use?

When teaching stress resilience I often start with breathwork because this is the fastest way to shift patterns in the mind & body.  So if you feel stuck in a loop of stress and reactivity, breath can be your new best friend.  Breathwork is then integrated throughout most of my client work alongside talk-based psychotherapy, nutritional support and health coaching. All my 1:1 client work is fully customised.

Where are you located?

I work from Mind Garden Therapy in Reading, Berkshire mainly on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.  On Fridays I work from the beautiful yoga space at the Orchard Life Centre in Midgham West Berkshire.  Online workshops & sessions are delivered from my home movement space and are available at various times throughout the week.