Level up your performance in life, work & sport.

Functional breathing is the foundation of wellness, particularly when we train hard at the gym or have demanding home/work life.  The Oxygen Advantage Method offers a range of techniques to reduce stress and improve athletic capacity.

Optimal breathing is slow and low in the lungs.  But for some people this is hard to practice as many people have long-standing breathing habits that create restriction, keeping your breathing from feeling satisfying.

When we’re breathing well, our breath is one of the most powerful tools we have to create calm in the mind & body – and it’s fast. 

Signs of impaired breathing include:

  • Feeling like you never have enough air
  • Frequent yawning
  • Snoring
  • Breathing through the mouth when awake or asleep
  • The breath doesn’t feel satisfying
  • Restriction or tightness in the chest
  • Persistent feelings of anxiety or panic with no obvious cause
  • Hyperventilation

Learn to use the power of your breath.

Functional Breath Assessments

A one-off session to explore your concerns and goals.

Functional Breath Coaching

Blocks of 6 sessions to support stress reduction / improve stress resilience,  or improve athletic performance

1:1 Nidra

Custom 1:1 sessions in nidra practice are available online or in person. This highly therapeutic method can be used to create neurological change, replace lost sleep and support high performers.


Why I teach yoga nidra

During my personal stress resilience training with coach Emily Hightower at Shift, I began practicing yoga nidra occasionally as an experiment to see how it sat with me.  Over the months I realised how well it compensated for the occasional lack of sleep.  As time went by and I practiced more and more, I realised many common neurological symptoms I experienced of perimenopause had also disappeared. This included dizziness, brain fog and fatigue.  I found that my clarity of thought was greater than it had ever been and I find that if I stop nidra, I lose some of this ground I have gained.  I now practice almost daily and consider nidra to be one of the most powerful techniques for emotional and physical health.

Nidra is a beautiful practice based in both ancient yogic traditions and in modern science, particularly neuroscience.

I have trained in nidra through My Vinyasa Practice and my work with it is informed by Emily’s NeuroNidra method. I write my own scripts and each online session is unique.

Nidra is your opportunity to create deep restoration in mind & body.