Learn the power of deep, purposeful rest.

Nidra is the passive practice of entering into a brain state just above sleep.  Nidra is proven to restore lost sleep and support brain health. It facilitates change within us at the deepest levels.

Sleep is a critical aspect of health.  Yoga nidra is a movement-free practice that supports mind-body health with just 20 to 30 minutes of practice.

Yoga nidra offers us the opportunity to:

  • Teach the mind-body system to fall asleep more easily
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Create change in emotional patterns through brain plasticity created by deep relaxation
  • Improve capacity for learning
  • Improve blood flow to the brain
  • Reduce fatigue and replace lost sleep
  • Reduce reactivity in our emotional and relational lives
  • Foster more of what we need in our thinking and feeling

Learn to enter a state of non-doing

Breath for Sleep & Yoga Nidra – next event coming in September 2024

It used to be cool to be ‘busy’. Now it’s cool to be calm. Nidra is a powerful weapon for anyone’s calm-creating toolbox. Join me for this 45 min online experiential workshop.

Online Nidra Resources

Past nidra events and resources are available in the Online Learning Centre. 

1:1 Nidra

Custom 1:1 sessions in nidra practice are available online or in person. This highly therapeutic method can be used to create neurological change, replace lost sleep and support high performers.

Custom Classes

Custom nidra sessions are available online or in person.

Popular topics include Stress Resilience, Perimenopause, and Emotional Balance.


Why I teach yoga nidra

During my personal stress resilience training with coach Emily Hightower at Shift, I began practicing yoga nidra occasionally as an experiment to see how it sat with me.  Over the months I realised how well it compensated for the occasional lack of sleep.  As time went by and I practiced more and more, I realised many common neurological symptoms I experienced of perimenopause had also disappeared. This included dizziness, brain fog and fatigue.  I found that my clarity of thought was greater than it had ever been and I find that if I stop nidra, I lose some of this ground I have gained.  I now practice almost daily and consider nidra to be one of the most powerful techniques for emotional and physical health.

Nidra is a beautiful practice based in both ancient yogic traditions and in modern science, particularly neuroscience.

I have trained in nidra through My Vinyasa Practice and my work with it is informed by Emily’s NeuroNidra method. I write my own scripts and each online session is unique.

Nidra is your opportunity to create deep restoration in mind & body.