Autism & being a better therapist

One problem with being a therapist is the multitude of specialist areas you can pursue. A hole in my skill set surfaced recently around adults with Asperger’s Syndrome / high functioning autism. This was particularly around the impact on families of AS adults, especially the undiagnosed. I recently set myself to learning more about AS/HFA in adults and have realised in dismay, how many times I have seen this in my clinical practice yet failed to recognise it or find a constructive way to bring it forward in the work. 

Thankfully there is always room to learn & grow through hindsight. I’m now playing catch-up via a stack of books, discussions and guidance with / from colleagues and CPD. I’m looking forward to Angela Atack’s training day on Autism in Clinical Work at Mind Garden, Reading in October and to a brand new book by Anna Wilson on the experience of growing up with a mother with undiagnosed autism. And I’m thankful there is always a chance to be #betterthanyesterday

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