Build skills you can use to be a more resilient human

My classes & small group sessions are designed to provide a supportive environment to explore the experience of being calm, learning about our human stress response and learning how to respond to stress with skill rather than reactivity.

Ready for a fresh take on emotional health?

Ready for a fresh take on emotional health?

  • You want tools to help you self-regulate in the face of stress
  • You feel ready to get curious about your own reactions & patterns of behaviour so you can try some new approached
  • You want a deeper understanding of your nervous system and how it’s our main route to real health
  • You want to learn from a long-time accredited professional with over 15 years’ experience
  • You want an approach that is science-based and is immediately useful in the real world

No more wasted energy

Upcoming Classes

Yoga Nidra Class:  Online Monday 25 September @ 7:30pm

Upcoming Workshops

PeriMenoWhat?! Perimenopause Workshop: Online Monday 2 October @ 7pm

Personalised Workshops

Custom workshops are available online, in person at your gym, home or workplace.

Popular workshops cover Breath for Stress, yoga nidra, and Breath for Sleep.

What’s my Why?

After my own extensive training in autonomic health and breath training with the amazing team at Shift ( and through Oxygen Advantage, I can easily say that breathwork has and continues to change my life for the better. It has led me to personal insight & self-awareness that has previously been trapped in my physiology. It has supported me in moving through challenging emotions, and given me interventions to stop repeating patterns that no longer served me. I feel more objective and present, and less reactive.

My aim is to teach the skill of breath to others so they can also experience increased quality of life & relationships both now and in the future. Our mind/body system is the most powerful tool we have – we just need to listen to it.