How does therapy work?

I get asked this question a lot.

If you’ve never had therapy it can be difficult to imagine how it might ‘help.’ What is it that happens in all those months of weekly sessions you hear about from your friends who are ‘in therapy’?

Therapy often works in mysterious ways.  Through a safe, receptive space with a professional trained to hear what doesn’t normally get heard, therapy supports the brain to rewire itself. It can help heal trauma and loss, make sense of difficult experiences and process challenging emotions.

Therapy is most effective when you have a solid relationship with your therapist. For this reason I always advise new clients, ‘See more than one therapist before you pick one.’ It’s a very personal choice and we’re all different.

Therapists are often facilitating, coaching, supporting, and educating. But above all we are here to help you develop yourself in way that feels rewarding & fulfilling for you.

So that’s therapy for you.

Vague, but encouraging.


Photo credit to Nathan Pyle Art